The many skills of Mary Delaney have helped me heal and transform my life. Mary continually educates herself about cutting edge healing concepts of body, mind and spirit. Her deep understanding of chronic pain, trauma and aging have encouraged me to embrace a rich elderhood.

A grateful client

     I have been working with Mary Delaney for five years. When I started I was depressed, on medications, and my thoughts were erratic. Through the use of Somatic Experiencing, I have learned to be comfortable in my body and be present for myself in a way that I have never been before. My depression has lifted, I am off medications, and I am more heart centered. My life has improved dramatically. I am grateful for the guidance I have received from Mary.

A grateful client

     Mary has taught me so much about the mechanisms of fight/flight and PTSD. I have suffered from depression and anxiety most of my life. Learning that my anxiety is a natural fear response, and that my depression is a freeze response helps to free me from the stigma of mental illness. My depression was called "laziness," which made me feel like I was a bad, defective person. I now have a different attitude towards my disabilities, and I have developed better coping skills. I like myself and I enjoy life, and I am able to build more satisfying and supportive relationships.

Retired Nurse

      I came to Willits in May, 2006 after losing the life I had in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. I was grieving my loss, experiencing post traumatic stress disorder, homeless (but for friends putting me up), and feeling very depressed and alone.
      A mutual friend recommended I see Mary Delaney for therapy. I was told she was trained in trauma therapy and I knew I needed some serious help to get back on my psychological, emotional and spiritual feet.
      From the first time I saw Mary, I felt immediately comfortable with her and within one or two sessions, I felt a strong connection with her and knew she deeply understood the trauma dynamic. She listened to me and gently helped me through my nightmares (literally and figuratively) and eventually led me back into the present. Since then, she has helped me immensely to learn how to stay in the present, change old thinking into new, and experience some peace and contentment in my life again.
      Mary is a phenomenal therapist and I believe she could help nearly everyone to feel better about themselves and their lives.

Refugee from Hurricane Katrina