The Bigger Picture:

How We Connect and Altered States of Consciousness

"A terrifying symptom is usually your greatest dream trying to come true"
Working With the Dream Body by Arnold Mindell

Many folk tales tell of how unexpected illness and "miracle cures" have taken place. Modern Science, explains Ernest Rossi in his book ,The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing, tends to reject these anecdotal accounts as unreliable or, at best, as mere examples of the "placebo response." The autonomic nervous system with its two branches, the sympathetic (which activates heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, tension, etc.) and the parasympathetic (with generally relaxing effects opposite to the sympathetic system), is indeed, one of the major systems of mind- body communication and the placebo response in illness or healing. Negative life circumstances and attitudes can lead to illness and death (the Voodoo effect) via the mind's modulation of the autonomic, endocrine, and immune systems. The reverse is true as well, that a positive frame of mind can have a salutary effect in healing the illness. The placebo effect may in fact be the cornerstone of what could become a practical approach to building a new understanding of mind-body healing.

Scientific Exploration in the realm of Physics is discovering (or rediscovering) that we are not separate, that all is connected. Non-local healing experiments, Miracles of the Mind by Russell Targ, have demonstrated that, using our thought processes, we can have a beneficial effect on the health of another a person at a distance. Trauma can span generations in a family and pervade a society. Conversely, healing cannot happen in the absence of support from others. Stephen Porgas's in his book, The Polyvagal Theory, explains how we resonate with each other through "mirror neurons", and is very useful in working with parenting and interpersonal relationship.

In my post-advanced study of Near Death Experience and Altered States of Consciousness, with Dr. Peter Levine, I have learned about the trauma that is experienced during surgery and under anesthesia, and also about the transformative potential in the altered consciousness of the trauma state. I can work with you on your past surgeries as well as help you to prepare for upcoming surgery. My study of Shamanic healing tools, work with dreams, hypnotherapy, and the use of interactive imagery all inform me in working with altered states of consciousness to move through trauma to a place of healing.